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About - Every weekend, there will be IPL live screenings held at our designated venues as mentioned in the poster. Our tenants are required to attend the event and actively engage on social media throughout the screening/match by responding to the questions we'll be posting on social media stories. Participants in this contest will have the opportunity to win 2 upcoming IPL tickets. YES, YOU HEARD IT CORRECTLY!! Terms and Conditions - 1. Tenants are required to attend at least one IPL screening event in their city and share their experience on social media by tagging @helloworld_living & @nestawayhomes. 2. They must tag at least 3 friends in their story. 3. Tenants are also expected to respond to all questions posted on our social media stories.(internally we can give it to the one who has responded to the maximum questions) 4. This is exclusively for Nestaway and HelloWorld tenants. For more details please reach out - +91 87470 16668 [ Community Team ]


09:30 AM - 01:30 PM