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Badminton Tournament

Date & Time

Sunday, Nov 27 2022

Sector 2, HSR Layout


Introducing Helloworld’s badminton club with our event for HW Tranquil, HW Daffodil and HW CornerHouse tenants. Taking that first step towards fitness in a busy week, we’ve put together 2 hours of fun badminton matches between friends to celebrate these experiences together, be it as singles, doubles or mixed doubles options. Spend some time out of your comfort and make your Sunday fun while burning some weekend binge calories at the baddy zone. The Helloworld’s in house team is also joining us to show-case our competitive spirit along with our constant banter, need we say more? The email ID used for registration permits one entry only. No on-spot registrations! More details will be shared on the registered email ID.


10:30 AM - 01:30 PM