In the last couple of weeks, the term ‘quarantine’ has been used way more than usual and rightfully so! However, many of you are still trying to wrap your minds around the concept and understand how you can implement it better in your daily lives. And it only gets harder for city-residents, especially when you add multiple roommates and small rooms in the mix.

Don’t worry, HelloWorld Living has got your quarantined-back!

Though temporary, once you figure out how to spend all day with your roommates during quarantine, you’re going to enjoy your daily routine — be it work or leisure activities.

At HelloWorld Living, we find means and help hello-dwellers live together in cities across India. So, it’s safe to say that we know how to make you feel comfortable and at home.

Read on to know more about how you can get better at living in a quarantine-like condition with roommates.

Create a Roommate Calendar

While the daily updates are keeping you well-informed about the virus and helping you address how to prevent it, your roommates might be processing the information differently from you. To avoid any conflict of interest, you need to be more transparent and communicate your expectations. Just sit with your homies and figure out what will work best for all of you.

Make a calendar and add your to-do list on it. Once you put it up, you’re all aware of the routine and can work around it. This can also help you maintain personal space boundaries.

Find a Hobby to Connect Over

Now that you’re in quarantine with your roommate, you’re going to spend a lot of time together. And whether you’re best friends who’ve been living together for years or people who are just acquainted with each other, you can spend your time smoothly if you find a hobby to bond over. So instead of obsessing over scrolling through social media, why don’t you work on forming a real connection?
Open up an old box of the boardgame, try inventing a dish together, or stream your favourite movies and binge away. Just make use of the extra time you have on your hands to get to know each other well.

Schedule a Time-Out For Yourself

Irrespective of how much fun you have with your roommates, you’re bound to crave for some alone time. Even more so now that you can’t step out of your home. Whenever you feel suffocated or annoyed, remember that it will take you time to adjust. But what you can do in the meantime is to schedule a time-out for yourself every day. Personal space to destress will add a sense of normalcy to your routine and keep you calm in this unusual situation. What’s even better is the aftermath! As you and roommates will have time to yourselves to ponder over your thoughts, it might help you feel better and keep you in good health — mentally and physically.

Learn About Each Other’s Medical History

This is a must and not just given the situation at hand. It’s always a good idea to be aware of your roommate’s medical history and make them well-acquainted with yours. As in case of emergency, you can be sure to get the right kind of medical assistance. And if this seems too strange for you, know that the details will come in handy if you’re ever playing a game on ‘who knows their homies better.’ You’re definitely going to pass the test with flying colours!

Be Courteous and Full of Surprises

Who says there’s nothing new to look forward to while working from home?

Whether it’s about making an additional bowl of instant noodles or a cup of coffee, do little things that are going to make your roommate happy. And while you’re at it, order dessert from that place you guys went one time and loved, maybe? It’s sure to bring a huge smile on your roommate’s face. Remember that small gestures help in setting a precedent at home and can change the entirety of the day.

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