Ever wondered what it is that you would like to do if you weren’t working or were headed to college full-time? It could be sketching, painting, photography, or perhaps as basic as doodling. And while we’re sure the lock-down gave you ample opportunity to rekindle your creativity, supposing you haven’t had the time to think things over and work on your passion project, we’ve found ways to help you replenish the creative flame and let it glow.

1. Look for inspiration in everything you do

It sounds like a cliché, but the saying runs true. You’re at home, close to everything familiar and accessible to you, so the odds of you running out of creativity in your safe space is less than rare. Remind yourself of things that inspired you to work on your passion, to begin with, and start creating. By the end of it, you may see things with a whole new perspective and have a masterpiece in the making.

2. Get back to the basics

Whether you’re an illustrator, graphic artist, or a writer in the making, start afresh and let your passion continue to grow. It’s always a good idea to get back to the basics and learn to redo things. Jog your memory through virtual tutorials, read blogs on how to brush up your skills, sign up for workshops and let it guide you to see your art as a beginner. Visit Udemy to sign up for free tutorials and learn more.

3. Fuel your passion everyday

You may lose interest or feel disconnected with your passion if you don’t practice it every day. According to a health psychology researcher at University College, London, a habit takes a little more than two months to be formed — sixty-six days to be precise. So to boost your creativity, make it a part of your routine. And if this doesn’t come easy to you, skim through your previous work to reiterate the idea as often as possible.

4. Find like-minded people

This goes without saying, it’s easier to rekindle your creativity when you have like-minded individuals to connect with and share your work. Look at Pinterest for inspiration or sign up on Reddit to interact with people with interest complimenting yours. And once you start networking with people who have a similar objective or follow the same novelty accounts, you’ll find one too many ways to bring your passion project back to life.

5. Don’t “wait for it” anymore

Stop saying you’ll start “tomorrow” or “sometime soon.” There’s no perfect time like now to rediscover your passion and explore your creativity. For all it’s worth when you’re back to viewing life as you knew of earlier, you’ll have a mini-gallery as a new addition to your home or a striking portfolio. So re-learn to channelize your skills and step up your game to excel at it.

Comment below to tell us what you’ve been doing to keep your creativity in check.