Have you ever seen your mom walk into your room, caught her staring at the mess, and then walk back out? No? Well, that’s because they can’t stop at doing just that! Once your mother lays her eyes on the clutter, she can’t help but share that well-known mom-glare, and what follows is a barrage of emotions. And if you’ve carried that habit along with you when you moved out, here’s your chance to turn things around.

Do you have a habit of accumulating things in your room that after a point aren’t of any relevance? As the years pass by, you forget the old, irrelevant occupants that pile up in the corner of your shelves, in the back of your drawers or closets.

If you know exactly what that’s like, then take a look at how Marie Kondo set things straight quite literally by introducing the KonMari method in the best-seller— The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

This Mother’s Day, make your parents proud by using these simple steps to declutter your room:

Don’t cover up your life

The main reason for accumulating junk is because you end up dumping your belongings in a closet or closed space. Don’t need the books that helped you prepare for college entrance? Hand them to a junior or donate them.

You know you don’t need the item any longer if you feel the urge of keeping it under wraps. Don’t let it stay cooped up in a physical space. Give it all up if it will help make more space in your paying guest accommodation/ hostel room.

Don’t try to tidy up all at once

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to tidy up your room at one go. Narrow down your timeline and move on to straightening up, based on your requirements and vision. The KonMari method helps you analyze the necessity of keeping a belonging before you bid farewell to it.

Don’t start organizing until you discard clutter

The KonMari method helps you sort things based on categories wherein, you must always get rid of items that aren’t of any use to you before putting things back in order. This process will give you both closure and perspective while keeping you from going back to stacking up unnecessary things in your room.

Don’t let pressures of life overtake your mind

Your messy student hostels or PGs are a reflection of your mental state of mind. What with having to find a balance between college assignments/ work and personal life? The smallest setback can make the deepest impact. Don’t let stress drive you. Learning the art of keeping cool will help you design your life beautifully.

Don’t get rid of anything that makes you happy

The beauty of the KonMari method is that you can always interpret the concept of keeping an item by your side. In love with an old instrument or stuffed toy? Free up space for your keepsakes. And while you’re at it, put your foot down and sum up the value of things before you decide to let go of them. To stay happy, only keep things in your room that spark joy in your life.

Don’t settle for a room that doesn’t have enough space

Granted that you don’t have much of a say about cramped rooms if you’re staying in a college hostel or number of people in it, but if you’re living outside the campus, don’t settle for a confined room. Move-in to HelloWorld student hostels and reside at a place that nurtures all your needs. Now available in student towns like Kota, Dehradun, Hyderabad and Bengaluru — you can arrange your room smartly and systematically.

Once you’ve got your room sorted, show it off to your mom, and have fun looking at her beaming in delight— Happy Mother’s Day indeed!