A pandemic spread, forced lock-down, self-isolation, social distancing, and in the middle of it all — YOU. Odds are you aren’t exactly feeling up and up. While the internet is often criticized for harming mental well-being, we found a few blogs that strike a balance and show us the positive power of the web.

5 mental health blogs you can read to learn more about how to tackle the blues:

1. Put That Cheese Burger Down

As intriguing as the name suggests, the blog covers both mental and physical matters of health. Neha Ghosh features as one of the topmost fitness bloggers in India, making her online journal very resourceful and explicit. Raising awareness and radiating positivity with every topic she writes about, do give her site a go and resonate with her experiences.

2. We’re All Mad Here

Recognized as a renowned mental health advocate in the U.K, Claire has been writing blogs for over five years now. On her site, she talks about social anxiety, depression, and why people should come right out and speak about their mental health. Her witty, self-deprecating humor is different and will keep you glued to the screen. The blogger has also written a book back in 2016 with the same name as her handle We’re All Mad Here — The No-Nonsense Guide to Living with Social Anxiety. Read her work and take notes as she pens down her thoughts on life in a crafty way.

3. Blurt

This is an organization-based website that endeavors to make a difference for people affected by depression. Blurt dives into subjects like living with anxiety, managing depression, and affairs of the heart. The site has a blog on anything that can influence the mind to feel all things blue and suggests measures to cope with prejudice — further helping people speak up about things that matter.

4. HeadsUpGuys

The University of Columbia (UBC) based website HeadsUpGuys is a medium that helps men tackle and talk about mental health issues. The site has online journals on how to combat depression, busts myths, and creates a safe place for men to discuss their problems. It also proposes means to deal with anxiety and stress, among other conditions. Visit the site to understand ways to look beyond the stigma that mental well-being brings along.

5. Depression Warrior

From keeping it real and speaking about her own experiences battling anxiety and depression to giving tips on beating the illnesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, Laura Becker is as sincere as people can get. Having lived with major depressive disorder (MDD) for over three decades, while battling borderline personality disorder and complex PTSD, she’s on the path to recovery. Her blogs are her insights on living with such mental health conditions and making an attempt to ace life.

Give these blogs a read to know more about how to cope with mental health better and to reason out why talking to people helps a whole lot.