As monsoon madness is around the corner, we’re bound to experience occasional power cuts. And though flashlights work just fine, we’re inevitably going to run out of battery someday. So we’ve discovered better alternatives to keep the light from going dim at your dwelling! With handy DIY candle holders by your side, you can illuminate your surroundings with sufficient lighting while adding a new decor element to your space.

1. Spoon Candle Holder

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If you’ve been hoarding plastic tableware like spoons or folks from when you picked up takeout or ordered in a meal, about time you use your stock to shine-up your place. Click here to check out how to make a candle holder from scratch with just four objects lying around in your household — an old coaster, spray (any) paint, shape-able spoons, and glue.

2. Whisk Candle Holder

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Re-purpose a whisk according to your requirement. Place a tiny wax candle inside it or pick a white flickering LED light with an auto on and off switch. Hang it anyplace you see fit. The best part about this is that whenever you need to use the kitchen gadget, you can take out the glimmer and do the needful. Tap here to see the likes of the candle holder.

3. Wine Glass Candle Holder

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This holder can be recreated with goblets if you don’t have stemmed glasses at your living space. Go all out with paint and glitter, pick the type of candle you fancy, and place some pebbles inside the glass to add volume, or turn it upside down and glue the bottom of the candle to your very new holder. To look at the decor inspiration, go here.

4. Lace Candle Holder

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Recycle old laces as decor for candle holders. Pick a color scheme as per the room, cut out the lace, and glue it to old glasses or jars. Use variations and sizes of candles and containers. From shot glasses to tumblers, they’ll all help spruce up your place like never before. Visit here to catch a glimpse of the candle holder.

5. Centre-Piece Candle Holder

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Get hold of design sheets for this one. Select a glass bowl or any heat resistant crockery piece, cover it with colourful glass sheets, perhaps paint over it — fill the container with rocks or sand and toss a few tea candles inside based on the volume of the vessel. Once ready, watch the candles mirror beautiful lighting into your life just like it’s doing here.

These were some DIY interior decor ideas that will enliven your living space. And on the off chance that you suffer from insomnia or migraines, know that candlelight is a better alternative for earlier in the evenings as it helps calm the nerves and resets natural sleep rhythms.

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