“There is no better designer than nature.”
Alexander Mcqueen

It’s not a random phenomenon that nature flourishes when we take the back seat. For when we’re not busy refining our surroundings, we tend to see the rawness of nature and it starts looking perfect as is! We can feel the sound of the gushing wind, the warmth of the sun, the earthy scent after the rain — all of it — unfiltered, since we as a dominating species tread lightly.

If it isn’t evident already, nature has been glowing since we adopted a relaxed lifestyle. There are relatively more blooms and greenery, and a massive reduction in pollution. The only thing left from our end is to attempt to reduce our carbon footprints and help the environment heal.

How can we make this happen if simply put?

We’ve all made lifestyle changes over the last couple of weeks, and if we keep moving forward on this path consisting of essentials, remote working, and making smart use of technology — we can revel in the beauty of nature and conserve what’s left of it.

At HelloWorld, we are designing our premises keeping the essence of nature in mind to help residents find solace during their stay. And now that everyone is spending more time at home, we’re progressing towards achieving a greener tomorrow.

HW Nagavara

During our time indoors, a slight reduction in the consumption of other resources can entail leading an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Come to think of it, now that we’re away from the madding crowd, it’s the perfect opportunity to grow and make a rippling effect by fixing the havoc previously created in nature. And with monsoon doing the rounds, we can all look forward to seeing clearer skies and one too many seasonal creatures frolicking around in nature, and heave a sigh of relief instead of gasping for fresh air.

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