It’s been more than three weeks since the lockdown and it’s safe to say that everyone has a newfound respect for their jobs or educational institutes and life in general before the pandemic waltzed in. What’s more intriguing is how everyone’s connecting on the digital platforms for work or to attain simple pleasures in life.

While the ‘working from home’ lifestyle is new for some, a few of you have been going at it since you first started out — the freelancer way, and the change doesn’t affect your routine much.

Whether you’re a marketer of sorts newly working from home or a creative junkie who freelances to earn a living, this blog is for all of you who dig the WFH lifestyle.

Here are 5 ways to up your freelancing game while WFH:

1. Understand That Networking Is Key

If you’re a newbie in the industry or someone who wants to do more freelancing jobs, you must understand the relevance of networking over the internet. Just update your social media handles and add all the required details. While you’re at it, post your previous work on LinkedIn or add the link to your work in your bio on Instagram. Do it often as it’s going to add more credibility to your profile.

Maintain a profile on LinkedIn or switch to a premium account — your subscription for the first month is free. Or sign up with Upwork, and connect with relevant people and constantly engage with them.

2. Build a Portfolio

Not all freelancers land projects instantly. It takes time to establish ground.

What can you do while looking out for better opportunities?

Look up trending topics that can shed some light on your work and build a portfolio online. Tailor your profile based on what’s hip and see if it gets you more traction. With the help of the internet, you have access to a plethora of topics to determine engagement with the audience. Take inspiration from current events or connect with social media influencers — understand the science of virality and attract the right people.

You can also upload your portfolio on platforms like IndieFolio and discover amazing freelancing opportunities.

3. Focus on Research and Content Distribution

Creating content for multiple platforms is no less than learning a new art form. Different handles demand variants of the same material. And since there’s no one way of delivering content, learning the know-how of distributing it will be a great fix. Your content helps establish the presence of the brand on the internet, so you need to put in some good research when you visualize your brand identity online. Publish your content on platforms like Medium or ClickToTweet to promote and share your work with everyone.

4. Discover New Means to Promote Online

Who says you need to promote a brand directly on the web? Find ways to connect the brand with the viewers and work out an angle around it. Now that all businesses are on the digital platforms, you need to stay updated on what’s happening within the industry.

Don’t spend too much time sending follow up emails or spamming your potential viewers with details about the product. Instead, use Feedly to organize and track relevant sources that will help promote a product or service uniquely.

5. Track Your Presence Online

You have enough time on your hands to create an online presence, so do it right. Your viewers and prospective clients need to see you take charge. Put in extra efforts to promote yourself and create a good brand identity. And in the meanwhile, start tracking your website/ profile’s performance to see if you’re driving additional traffic that can eventually lead to conversions.

You can use Google Analytics to check website traffic and can further integrate Google Ads for promotions.

If you think this blog is a good mean to help you improve your freelancing game, here’s what you should do:
1. Go update all your social media profiles
2. Look at how you can build a portfolio that appeals to the masses
3. Stay tuned to the HelloWorld Blog for more such content