With influencers repurposing old content on YouTube due to the pandemic, all the brands and artists have stepped up their game on Instagram, and are churning out content in plentiful to keep the audience hooked.

What’s even better is that there’s ample content for all kinds of people. So whether you like singing, reading, consuming news or perhaps just browsing through memes, here are a few social media accounts you should follow on Instagram that have created an instant following.

Presenting 5 IG handles you should follow to beat the blues:

1. Jordindian

You should follow Jordindian’s Instagram account to catch them in the act. The famous YouTubers are a dynamic duo who do not fail to keep the audience entertained with hilarious video snippets. Their candid take on life and zest for replicating relatable incidents make their videos unique.

2. Tinder India

Fascinating and quirky, Tinder India doesn’t fail to impress its viewers on Instagram with punny posts and witty comebacks. The brand’s comical take on current events and uncanny views on the concept of dating from home is well-planned and intriguing. Follow the handle for constant entertainment.

3. Unerase Poetry

An online community that promotes spoken word poetry across India, Unerase Poetry is a brand that sheds light on different aspects of love, life, mental health and current events, and gives it a poetic twist. Connecting with the audience through live sessions and posts, the handle has good content to keep you company throughout.

4. India Food Network

Now is the time to unleash the master chef that lies within you. And the India Food Network is around to bless your feed with appetizing food recipes and inspire you to do just that. So if you’re a passionate food blogger in the making or someone who’d like to cook interesting delicacies, you ought to follow this handle and get featured.

5. Helloworld Living

Of course, HelloWorld Living made the list! A co-living space that’s keen on building a strong community, HWL has interactive virtual events, insightful blogs and other fun posts that will keep you glued to the screen and help you cope with the lockdown more productively. And in case you’re a budding artist looking for a platform to showcase your skill or someone who just wants to connect with like-minded people around you — trust this handle to motivate you to take the leap.

These were our top picks of entertaining social media handles you can follow. Let us know which ones you like the best or are familiar with in the comments below.