While all of humanity is striving hard to avoid procuring an infectious disease caused by a new virus, my mind is all over the place, trying to find a healthier way to maintain social distance and self-isolation.

As a big Marvel fanatic, I started imagining my favourite characters fighting the pandemic that’s causing untimely deaths across the globe.

I mean, doesn’t that sound dope?

After giving much thought, it dawned on me that in this context, to ‘fight the plague’ or say, to stop the invisible supervillains — has more to do with increasing social distancing and less with winning a physical battle. But since it’s the year 2020, self-isolation is perhaps the toughest challenge for mankind.

So, instead of tossing the idea of striking a connection between superheroes and ways to erase the virus off the earth completely, I went the other way.

Call me strange, but I think my theory can help fight the 21st-century ‘evil.’

We’ve all at one point hoped to be like our beloved superheroes. Be it by wearing Superman’s cape or by making our version of Wolverine’s claws. So wouldn’t it be mighty good if we can learn a thing or two about social distancing from them too?

Without further ado, here are 3 characters from the Marvel Universe that I think can ace social distancing in this COVID-World.

1. Iron Man

Famously recognized as a wealthy American businessman, scientist and playboy, Iron Man A.K.A. Tony Stark, first created a mechanized suit of armour, to save his life and break free from his captors. Eventually building more weapons and technological devices to protect the world.

Modern and tech-savvy, Stark created effective strategies for his work, collected input, analyzed information and implemented solutions all from his den — making brilliant use of technology while working from home.

If this is a viable option in the alternate universe then in today’s day and age where we don’t have to step out to get things done, why is it so difficult for us to stay indoors?

By maintaining social distancing, we can do a huge favour to mankind.

2. Nick Fury

Sometimes considered as an anti-hero — moderator between the U.S Government and the superheroes, Nick Fury functions as the search engine of the Marvel Universe. A know-it-all who doesn’t have to stick around for doing the deed; and by providing all-kinds-of-information, Fury is a driving force in the Marvel series.

With a good internet connection, we’re no less than Nick Fury. We can make decisions and figure out our lives better while staying put!

Remember how the infinity formula halted Fury’s ageing and made him more active?

Although that’s a bit of a stretch in real life to keep fit, we can take a call to work, study or exercise from the comfort of our home using the internet, and learn the subtle art of social distancing and staying healthy.

3. The Incredible Hulk

The Superhero Hulk and his alter-ego Bruce Banner are the best characters that feature in the Marvel Universe, or so I think. Irrespective of being called out for his “rage,” Hulk has prolonged longevity and is self-sufficient. My personal favourite is the storyline where he attempts to find a way to help humans become immune to gamma radiation.

Why would he be excellent at maintaining social distancing?

Self-isolation and social distancing are means to decrease the odds of catching any transmissible diseases. And Bruce Banner — The Incredible Hulk, has seen the repercussions of staying in close quarters to an ailment that can destroy living cells and cause cancerous illness.

While the Hulk has superhuman strength and a regenerative healing factor, he has insecurities that make him vulnerable. Much like any of us. Even with a strong immune system, who’s to say that we’re safe in the COVID-World?

The entire universe is in this together, and we all have valuable roles to play — so why don’t we choose to get better at social distancing and take measures to avoid any disease coming our way!

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