We are living in a time when meetings and house parties are virtual now more than ever before, and all you see are throwback pictures on social media, as no one can step out of the home without good reason. Does this mean it’s going to get easier working remotely and living vicariously through the likes of the internet?

Well, this is debatable. While some people have already adapted to self-isolation and are acing the virtual lifestyle, others are taking own sweet time. Let’s just say it doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Keeping this feeling of self-isolation and the fear of missing out (FOMO) in mind, HelloWorld has narrowed in on people’s attitudes towards life in quarantine for the coming weeks.

Here’s a close look at phases of quarantine everyone’s going through → not in any particular order:

Welcoming quarantine with optimism

While a few of you have already finished two weeks or more in quarantine, others were asked to stay home after the declaration of the national lockdown. Irrespective of when it all began, you must’ve started out by saying, “it can’t be all that bad.” It makes total sense since there’s so much that can be done during this time. So have a go at it.

Working from home

WFH isn’t all fun and games. On the first day or two, working from home feels like a blessing in disguise. But on day three or as per your phase-cycle is when you realize the harsh reality of it. If the virus wasn’t doing enough damage already, your work decides to take a swing at giving you more woes. And with hearsay about no pay for overtime and having to start your tasks soon as you wake up, the blows might just get brutal. Don’t get all worked up. This phase isn’t a mandate.

Turning into a Cleaning Ninja

Whether you like it or not, you’re going to stay at home for quite some time and that too without a housekeeping service by your side. And since you need your home to be neat and tidy, you might have to transform into a cleaning ninja. This one’s a good phase if you start considering it as a therapeutic task that keeps you away from germs and any form of negativity.

Streaming everything over the internet

You know how when you’re at work or in college, there are things to keep you entertained. Like, you can step out for a cup of chai or simply participate in extracurricular activities. But when you’re at home for too long, watching Netflix and chilling are among your very limited options. Who says this is a bad phase though? Just catch up on all the shows you’ve wanted to cover and have a ball.

Eating all-day

Unless you’re one of those health wizards who like their eggs boiled and not in the mayonnaise — you know that binge-eating is a part and parcel of life in quarantine. Call it “making the most of your time at home,” but in the back of your mind, you know you’re just eating out of boredom. Have a go at it and binge away. But try avoiding it if you think it’s going to turn into a toxic habit.

Catching up on sleep

The purpose of mentioning this phase is to call out to people who aren’t getting enough sleep because of anxiety or other stressors. Bidding farewell to sleepless nights is a legit mandate and if you’re getting some good rest during your life in quarantine, then count your blessings.

Obsessing over social media and COVID-19

Obsessing over the disease is an ongoing process whether you like it or not. The pandemic has changed the course of marketing and people can’t stop talking about it. From generic memes to new advertisements, every move you make on social media has COVID-19 written all over it. Don’t let this get to you. Take the required precautions and while you’re at it, be amazed and explore the level of creativity that lies beneath the surface.

Experiencing a meltdown

You’re sure to have a meltdown because of the recent lifestyle change, especially if you’re not used to spending time by yourself. This again depends on your phase-cycle. Some can go for months without social interaction, and others get restless within days or even hours. Here’s your chance to understand your personality better and perhaps get comfortable in your own skin. So instead of getting all worked up, try focusing on the positives of it all.

Reconnecting with family and friends

You can focus on putting your time in good use and channelize your emotions constructively. Whenever anger or frustration takes over, just talk to people around you or call up someone who can help you process things in a proactive way. Every time you feel grief, think of how you can rekindle your relationship with people you care about and experience euphoria instead.

Excelling in communicating virtually

Now that you’re going to stay indoors for some time, you’re going to familiarize yourself with all the social platforms that keep you connected to people virtually. Be it attending meetings, studying, or having dinner with friends over a video call, you’re going to become a pro at it all. Enjoy the perks of socializing in your jammies because life as you know it isn’t going to allow you to be this comfy always.

Start enjoying life in quarantine
You’re lying to yourself if you think you’re never going to miss the quarantine. Although it comes with its terms and conditions, you can look at it as nature’s way of telling you to pace yourself and take precautions. You only live once, so spend time looking for new ways to live in style at home instead of worrying about the nitty-gritty of the situation.

If you like this blog then comment below to tell us which phase you’re in now. And keep in mind that ‘this too shall pass,’ so make the most of it while it lasts.

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