Listening to soothing music is a great way to relieve stress and stay motivated. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of songs to keep you going. And we promise — they’re very relatable, given the situation at hand.

Here are a few songs for the times when you’re contemplating life and want to binge-listen to something nice:

1. Break the Distance by Ashton Edminster

While a few of us lucked out and are spending quality time with family and friends at home during the lockdown, the others are perhaps waiting to reunite with their favourite beings. Break the distance is a beautiful song that speaks volumes about how physical absence doesn’t affect the connection between two people. So don’t lose out on patience, use music therapy to express your feelings. This song has got you covered.

2. Cold/ Mess by Prateek Kuhad

If there’s an unshakable feeling in the pit of the stomach that (any) things ended abruptly and closure isn’t on the cards yet, turn to Prateek Kuhad’s — heart is a mess. Though subjected to one form of love, who’s to say there’s no other way to look at the song and the meaning behind it. Keep this one close for when the blues take over.

3. Pay My Rent by DNCE

We all resonate with this song at the moment, don’t we? Though the theme here fixates on a happy couple and their time together. To some of us, it means otherwise. Living away from home in times like this can be tormenting, and covering rent and other expenses may become challenging, but don’t let negative thoughts step in. This composition is both interesting and addictive. Instead of worrying, add this one to the playlist and enjoy the sound of music.

4. Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel

The lyrics represent the conflict between mind and body in the modern world. Addressing darkness as its old friend, the speaker (singer) believes that a certain vision has taken over his thoughts, and will stay with him as the sound of silence. This composition has a symbolic meaning. Most of us are always speeding through life, and the verses speak of the temptation that lies in material things. Now that most of us have temporarily given up on physical luxuries of life, it’s a perfect time to apply our minds and think of what makes us truly happy.

5. Imagine by John Lennon

Living under the rock is an accurate expression for anyone who hasn’t heard this song already. It’s a legendary anthem by John Lennon that gives chills, literal chills. The lyrics deliver the desire to live in the present in a world that’s one. Given our position, we too are in this together. Instead of feeling stuck in a paradox, listen to this composition and embrace the journey.

6. Happier by Marshmello, Bastille

Old memories always leave a bitter-sweet aftertaste. We’re at a point where everything triggers nostalgia. A song like Happier helps channelize heightened emotions positively. Revolving around the feeling of love, heartache and closure, the lyrics work as a reminder that things will eventually fall into place and we’ll all be happier.

7. Believe by When Chai Met Toast

Feel elated listening to this one, courtesy When Chai Met Toast. The bilingual composition defines a different genre of music altogether. And while the title is self-explanatory, there’s so much more volume to the song. It appeals to the audience to pursue something that was once a dream with a lot more perseverance.

8. Who Says by John Mayer

This one is for everyone who’s spending time and resources during the lockdown to start afresh. Though the lyrics have marijuana written all over it, quite literally, it also narrows in on the idea of feeling liberated. And as of now, isn’t that something we need — to feel freer than ever. If given a chance to rewrite history, why spend more time running from the past? Acceptance and honesty will set us free, and this song shows us just how!

9. Aalas Ka Pedh by The Local Train

The song is a combination of expressive lyrics and fine-tuned music created by a Hindi-Rock band that resonates with people from all walks of life. Perfect for a night-in or ten, add this to the playlist, block the chaos in your mind and wander off to a sunny place.

10. Things Happen by Dawes

If truth be told, aren’t we all a little annoyed about having to stay home? The verses in Things Happen, reflect on how the universe puts us through things when we least expect it. And since there’s no going back in time, the only thing left to do is deal with it and move on.

Add these songs to your playlist and let us know about your experience of listening to them in the comments below. And for more such content, stay tuned to HelloWorld Living Blog.