“Every summer has its own story.” And we’re all going to be talking about this one for years to come. What say?

To make your summer more eventful, we’ve created a list of things you can do that will help you see the sunny side of life from inside of your house.

1. Bask in the Sun

Now that you can’t visit the beach or the community swimming pool, head straight up to the terrace, or relax in the lawn to feel the heat. And if you don’t have access to either of them, then pull up a beanbag and chill on the balcony. Pick a refreshing beverage or carry an exciting book to keep you company.

2. Start a Home Garden

If you miss spending time in nature during the summer and don’t have a lot of greenery around you, plant seeds — make a home garden. Fill up containers with compost and sow a layer of seeds (use vegetable seeds if you don’t have access to flowering seeds). Take a look at Country Living for tips on gardening.

3. Pursue an Online Course

Utilize your time indoors pursuing an online course on platforms like Udemy or Coursera. Build your skills and get certified from top universities/ companies, all from one place — your home.

4. Host Virtual Summer Catch-ups

Wear your comfiest summer outfit, stir up a drink, ring your friends and catch up or have a Netflix Party and stream something together. Do things out of the ordinary and make up for the time away from your close ones. And if you want to engage more, create a game room online and play with your squad.

5. MYO (Make Your Own) Ice Cream

Whipping up homemade ice-cream in the summer is similar to baking brownies in the winter — it’s something you must do. And since most of your favorite delivery outlets are closed at the moment, it’s a good time to make your own creamy delight. Both fun and easy-to-make, stop craving, and start making. And if you need a suggestion for flavors, mango season is here.

6. Camp Out In

Remember the good old times when beach bonfires and camping was a pressing summer drill? Well, since this summer is a whole lot different, make an attempt to camp in. Take out the old sheets and pillows and put them to good use. Use the ends of a couch or a bed to cover up the place, carry your things in, and live in your very own fort.

7. Create DIY Board Games

Don’t have a pack of cards or a Monopoly box at home? Here’s an idea, create your own deck. Set your rules, make cutouts, fashion your version of an age-old game, or invent one entirely by yourself. Check out The Spruce Crafts for inspiration.

8. Stock Up on Books

You don’t have to step out of the home to catch a glimpse of the outside world. Stock up your shelves or Kindle with stories that take you places. Helpful and intriguing, fill up your life with good reads by your side.

9. Be Child-Like Creative

You’re home during summer, and that probably feels unusual. But you don’t have to stop carrying out fun activities — switch to doing them indoors. Are you an art fanatic? Get them acrylic colors out and paint your feelings on canvas or design items like photo frames from scratch. Don’t worry about the materials required, use macaroni, glitter, and cardboard sheets like when you were younger.

10. Take a Time-out From Technology

When was the last time you spent your leisure time away from your phone/ laptop? Though convenient and accessible, excessive screen time can take a toll on your health. Instead of staying tethered to it, take a conscious decision to step away from it.

Add a few among these things to your bucket list and enjoy a tan-free summer.